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VAT Return


VAT Return Form (SAMPLE)

AdobeReader.pngSlu - vat 003 - vat return.pdf


The VAT Return Filing Guide

 AdobeReader.pngFiling the VAT Return Guide 2012.pdf

 This comprehensive guide is to assist you in preparing your Value Added Tax (VAT) return.  Please follow the instructions given to avoid any mistakes. If you have any queries that may not have been mentioned in this guide, kindly contact the VAT Section of the Inland Revenue Department at 468-2800.


 AdobeReader.png Instructions to Filing your VAT Return Leaflet.pdf

   Use this leaflet to complete your VAT Return form.


 AdobeReader.pngFiling the VAT Return Worksheet.pdf

Use this worksheet to guide you with completing your VAT Return



AdobeReader.png VAT PRESENTATION - Completing the VAT Return.pdf

VAT Disclousure of  Errors Form VAT 003a

AdobeReader.png VAT Disclosure of errors Form vat003a.pdf

 Use this Form to Disclosure any Errors in VAT Returns Filed


 AdobeReader.png  VAT Disclosure of errors Form vat003a(amended).pdf

Use this Form to Disclosure any Errors in VAT Returns Filed after March 2014


Instructions for completing the Disclousure of Errors Form

AdobeReader.png Instructions to completing The Disclosure of Errors Form.pdf

Instructions for completing the Disclosure any Errors form.

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