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Charging VAT On Your Sales & Other Supplies

What Is A VAT Invoice?


A VAT invoice is a document that a registered business is required to issue to another registered supplier under the VAT law.


As a registered supplier, you must issue a VAT invoice when you make a taxable supply to a registered person, however if the cost of the supply does not exceed $50.00 a sales receipt may be issued. Additionally, a VAT invoice must contain certain specific information.


A VAT invoice, which should be pre-numbered and must show the following:


 The words ‘Value Added Tax invoice’ or ‘VAT Invoice’ prominently displayed.

  • The name, address and taxpayer identification number (TIN) of the supplier.
  • The name, address and TIN of the Recipient.
  • The serial number of the VAT Invoice.
  • The date on which the VAT invoice is issued. This will determine the time of supply and your calculation of turnover.
  • A description of the goods or services supplied, including the quantity, volume or period, as applicable.
  • The consideration/payment for the supply.
  • The rate of VAT.
  • The amount of VAT charged.


If you issue a VAT invoice that includes zero-rated or exempt goods or services, you must:

  • show clearly that there is no VAT payable on those goods or services
  • show the total of those values separately


The VAT invoice should be in two copies (one for the purchaser, one for the supplier to be made available to the Inland Revenue Department when requested)

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