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Claiming VAT On Your Purchases

Business Benefits, Employees & VAT


Branches of Your Business

If your Business operates at different branches or locations, you shall be deemed to be a single business or person conducting the taxable activity and no separate registration for each branch or location is required.  A VAT Certificate for each branch should be requested.



A person appointed or constituted trustee by act of parties, by Order or declaration of a Court, or by operation of law and includes a person having or taking upon himself or herself the administration or control of property subject to a trust.


A person who is a trustee in more than one capacity shall be treated as a separate person in relation to each of those capacities.


Employee Expenses

Your employees and directors, partners or anyone managing the business may be entitled to claim VAT on certain expenses incurred for the purposes of the business.

For clarification on which expenses would be allowable please contact the Inland Revenue Department, VAT Section.


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