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What A VAT Credit Note Must Show



The credit note must contain the words “VALUE ADDED TAX CREDIT NOTE” prominently.


The credit note must also contain the following:


a) The name, address and TIN of the supplier and recipient;

b) The serial number of the credit note and the date on which the credit note was issued;

c) The reason for the issue of the credit note and sufficient information to indicate the taxable supply it relates to ;( make reference to previous invoice)

d) The consideration of the supply shown on the original VAT invoice and, if it has changed, the correct amount of the consideration for the supply;


e) The effect of the VAT adjustment event on the VAT payable, shown by specifying:


1)    The amount of VAT previously payable in relation to the supply, as shown on the original VAT invoice or, if relevant, as shown on the most recent VAT credit note issued in relation to the supply.


2)    The correct amount of VAT payable in relation to the supply following the VAT adjustment event that gave rise to the requirement to issue the credit note; and


3)    The difference between those two amounts, shown as a credit.

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